importance of content creation
Why My New Website Is Not Generating More Traffic

Why Is My New Website Not Generating More Traffic?

importance of content creation

This is a question we get asked a lot by companies who have just launched new websites either through an agency or an in-house team. Bearing in mind that Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank websites, it’s not always an easy answer to provide. To make thing even more challenging, Google stays somewhat vague about exactly what and how those 200 factors rank.

However, along with nearly 60% of marketing executives interviewed, we firmly believe that on-page content creation is the most effective SEO ranking activity. This is also backed up by Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev at Google back in 2016 and remains true to today. Quality, original content has consistently been a key factor toward ranking your website, pages or blogs for specific search terms. This approach will ensure searchers see your organisation as a trusted expert in your industry and help you to gain a slice of the visitor traffic.

Getting your website ranking on the first page of the search results is critical. To give you an idea of how important it is, the first five organic results (non-advert results) account for just under 70% of all the clicks. So if you want your website to be gaining a slice of those visitors, you need to have content on your website that is ranking on the first page, ideally within those first five organic results.

If you are wondering if this is all worth it and how many people are actually searching for your products and services, a great place to start is a free keyword research tool called Ubersuggest. A keyword is simply the term given to a particular word or phrase that you want to rank for to get people who are searching for that keyword on to your website.

Ubersuggest allows you to look at the volume of searches made for each keyword. A small difference in the word or phrase can make a big difference in the amount of traffic and the difficulty of ranking for that keyword. This will give you a good place to know where to start when sitting down to write your new content.

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Just to reinforce the importance of ranking, as of 2020, Google receives approximately 2 trillion searches per year. That’s an average of 5.6 billion searches per day, 3.8 million searches per minute! Your potential customers are searching for a lot of things and if they are not coming to your site…

In fact, the whole buying process has been turned upside down since the invention of the internet. On average, people do around 70% of their pre-purchase research online, before they even get in contact with a company to discuss their products or services. Ranking highly in search engine results means that potential buyers can easily research and compare offerings from the comfort of their own home.

If you are worried about the time it takes to produce quality, original content, don’t worry! We have some tips and tricks to help. Firstly, updating and reposting old content with new statistics, trends and information can still increase your organic search traffic by up to 106%.

Secondly, images are accounting for more and more search results and are returned for approx. 20% of search engine queries. Thirdly, with the target word count being 500+ words per article, getting your customers to help you with new content is a great strategy! A quality customer review or reference can easily run into 150-200 words meaning that you only need to top and tail the article with another 300 words, setting the scene and including that all important call-to-action (CTA) at the end!

If you are struggling to understand SEO Belfast, or finding the time to write great content for your website, Big Mouth Digital can help.

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Why You Should Monitor Your Competition

Importance of Monitoring Your Competition

Don't underestimate the importance of monitoring your competition, their website, social media and search engine optimisation activity can provide great insights and knowledge into what is working and what doesn't within your market.

Keeping an eye on your competitor’s web site and social media profiles should be an important part of your digital marketing campaign. Below are some of the reasons why you should keep a close eye on the competition!

Identifying who they are:

In addition to your awareness of the local competition you should regularly look at google and see who is competing with you in your desired keywords e.g. Electrician in Belfast. Those businesses on the first page are your competition and you must go through every page of their website and social media profiles to see what they are offering, what they do well, what content they are creating is engaging well with members of the public and what products/services they emphasise on their homepage.

Awareness of new products/services:

You will find out what products or services they introduce into their business and then decided on whether you should start offering the same and if so what can you offer with it that is better than your competitor. E.g. cheaper price, special offer, next day delivery, better guarantee, installation in the home, etc.

The keywords they are targeting:

By closely monitoring your competition you will see what keywords they consider to be important (header titles, meta description, heading titles on pages of content, etc.). Incorporate the ones you consider to be important in your SEO strategy and see how you can improve on it, e.g. write blog articles with those keywords incorporated in them.

Incorporate into your digital marketing planning & exceed what they offer:

Monitoring your competition is important

importance of monitoring your competition

While monitoring your competition is important, copying them directly is not enough. You must exceed and improve on what your competitors offer, e.g. emphasise and prove that your customer service is better through video testimonials, independent reviews (trip advisor if relevant). You can go down the line of competing on price but customers will pay the same or a bit more if you can improve on what additional services you can provide.

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