Is your digital marketing campaign effective?

How often do you sit back and look at your digital marketing strategy? Do you ever ask your customers what they think of your website and how easy it is to use? What about getting someone from outside the company to look at your current approaches?

Most business owners and managers are simply too busy to fully review their strategy on an ongoing basis and keep reusing the same approach year on year. For lots of things that would mean you keep getting the same results – but with digital marketing that is rarely the case. The best tools now are not the same as a year or five years ago – so keeping up to date is critical.

At BCS we spend the time keeping up with the new trends in social media and website promotion so that you don’t have to – leaving you the time to manage all the other aspects of your business. Our recent projects have highlighted a number of areas you might want to think about:

Website landing pages: Often the first thing a potential customer sees about your organisation, a bad landing page means people will leave your site without getting what they came for – and likely head for your competition’s site. Landing sites must be easy to navigate, action oriented and have the key information your customer needs. If you haven’t reviewed your landing page in some time – get someone to look at it with fresh eyes.

Search engine optimisation of your current website: The best website in the world will be ineffective if no one can find it. Pay per click campaigns are a great way to help promote your site or a particular campaign you are running – but they should be used alongside good search engine optimisation which will help people find your site on an ongoing basis. Search engine optimisation needs resource and time to work initially and then ongoing management to keep your site at the top of the search engines – but if you are in a competitive market, you can’t afford to ignore search engine optimisation – or you will never be able to reduce your pay per click budget.

Website redesign and content: Did you know that google notices websites which are never updated and drops them down their rankings? Creating a website is not the finish line. Refreshing your online content on a regular basis is important – and if you don’t have the time, we have professional content writers who can do it for you. There is nothing worse than looking for information about a business and seeing the smiling faces of old employees, reading blogs from years ago or worst of all – finding out of date contact information. For your website to be effective, you must keep it up to date and that includes refreshing the site as a whole periodically so that it doesn’t look dated.

Social media and post management: If you don’t know the difference between a post and a tweet or you’ve never heard of linkedin, you are not unique. Running your own social media campaigns is not likely to be an option and you probably don’t know what benefit social media can bring you. The first step should always be looking at what type of social media is best for your business as not all platforms are beneficial to all business types. If you want to learn yourself, why not take a training course with one of our experts – or if you don’t have the time, have a chat about how we can run your campaigns for you.

If you think you need some advice on any of these topics, we are here to help. Contact Andrew on 07739 010266.