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(Google Ads Management)

BCS are profit-focused Google Ads experts who have helped many companies optimise their ad spend into sustained profitability.

Google Ads is the most popular form of online advertising and can be the most profitable, if properly managed. It’s also complex, constantly-changing and time consuming to stay on top of. BCS have the Google Ads skills and expertise to manage all levels of PPC campaign.

Our approach;

1) Research & Discovery

We want to learn as much as possible about your business, your industry, your products & services, your target audience and the lifetime value of your customers.

2) Competitive Research

We always maintain a healthy respect for the competition, so it only makes sense to understand who the different players are and use our industry-leading software to research and analyse your competitor campaigns.

3) Thorough Account Analysis

The most valuable asset available is your historical account data. We’ll parse through this data to identify valuable trends to guide our strategy. If this is your first Google Ads campaign, we have experience in how to set-up a profitable campaign from scratch, to capture as much data as quickly as possible.

4) Strategic Campaign Build

We take all the research and analysis data gathered and translate it into an effective PPC strategy. We will develop campaigns that maximise the impact and profitability of your monthly Ad spend.  We will also ensure your campaigns are optimised structurally for scale and attuned to each specific business objective.

5) Continuous Improvement

We will constantly track, measure and implement changes where necessary. We proactively A/B split test new ideas to identify new opportunities for performance improvement. Every client that has used BCS for Google Ads Management can see measurable improvements in their campaign performance through our meticulous and analytical optimisation process.

Deeper dive into Google Ads Management:

There is a significant amount of time, knowledge and skill required to ensure you achieve a profitable return on advertising spend using Google Ads. From the initial set-up and structuring of your account, campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords to ensure you retain maximum control of your spend, writing Ad content that will convert traffic to clicks, building profitable bidding strategies, through to creating website landing pages that convert to your desired call-to-action.

Google does offer ‘recommended’ settings, but who do you think they are really recommended for? Would you be surprised if the answer was for Google’s benefit to increase your ad spend?

  • Should you advertise on Desktop alone? Mobile? Tablet?
  • Which bidding strategy is right for you?
  • Standard or Accelerated delivery options?
  • Are you maximising your Ad real-estate with all available Ad extensions?
  • Are you using the best Keywords? Match Types? Negative Keywords?
  • Do you understand your Buyer(s) funnel?
  • Have you researched your competition? Their Keywords? Their Ad Copy?
  • Are your Ads driving the right traffic to the right landing pages to maximise conversion?

Google Ads Management at the Keyword Level:

Keywords are the foundation of your Google Ads campaigns. If you don’t have your Keywords set-up correctly, you will not be maximising your return on advertising spend (ROAS).

As you can see, Keywords are the ‘life blood’ of your Google Ads campaigns and this is why BCS/Big Mouth have created the following Keyword Packages. All offering use market leading tools and technology, including; SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner and more.

Keyword – Initial Research:

If you are about to start your first Google Ads campaign, or have recently begun, BCS can help you to research and identify the most profitable Keywords to use in your Google Ad Groups and Campaigns. Keywords are ultimately the ‘item’ that is up for auction and instruct Google as to which search queries should trigger your ads.


Keyword – Optimisation & Sculpting:

If you are already progressed in your Google Ads campaigns but do not feel you are optimising your advertising spend, BCS can analyse and sculpt individual Keywords, Ad Groups or work through an entire campaign to ensure that Keywords are optimised and aligned to the best ad copy and landing page on your Website.

Keyword – Competitor Analysis:

One of the most overlooked sources of information for Keywords, Ad Copy and Landing Page design is your competitors. BCS can analyse your main competitors to identify where they are successful and opportunities for you to improve on what they are doing. We will make practical suggestions on how you can better position yourself against them.

Google Ad Review:

Are you maximising the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your Ads? Utilising all of the Ad Extensions available to you? Ad Extensions increase your real estate on busy search engine results pages, provide users more information on your products and services, offer more options on how to engage with you and can increase your Google ‘Quality Score’. BCS will review all aspects of your Ad copy and recommend improvements to increase performance.

Do your Google Ads look like the top example or bottom?


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