Responsive Web Design

According to a recent E-Consultancy article mobile visitors now account for 45% of traffic to websites in the UK. A mobile responsive website is therefore essential. At BCS we build visually attractive, mobile friendly websites from scratch or can even refresh your current website to respond properly to a wide variety of devices including desktops/laptops, tablets and mobile phones. As consumer habits change to become more mobile, it is essential your website appears perfectly on all devices. A responsive website will vastly increase your company’s reach to all clients and help you maximise your profits.

Over the past few years, all of our new websites are designed to be mobile friendly and we test them on a range of devices including tablets and the most common smart phones. To make your site more user-friendly we adapt certain elements of the site so that they only display when accessed by a mobile or a desktop. This ensures that people are able to clearly read and click on links to navigate the site regardless of how they access any action sections of the website.

According to Google’s Think Insights on mobile use, if a user comes to your website and is frustrated by the way that the site displays and how they navigate through it then there is a 61% chance they will leave and go to a competitor’s website. A more important reason why you need a mobile friendly website is that since April 2015 Google penalises non-mobile friendly websites. If your site is non-responsive, your Google ranking will be lower than a site that is responsive.

All of our responsive websites ensure that the site is designed based on screen size. This future proofs your website because no matter what screen size someone views your website on, it will display properly. This means that as new devices are introduced for web browsing, your responsive website from BCS will still look great.

Client Management System

For the last three or four years all of our websites are designed using Client Management Systems (CMS). This allows our clients to update their own websites using any computer without any investment in software. The changes can be done at any time and become live immediately.

When we provide a Client Management System, we also provide training to ensure that our clients are able to make changes themselves. We are always at hand should they require help with any changes they are trying to complete. In order to keep the costs down we use one of two open source systems – WordPress or Joomla. These systems come with security and backup plugins to ensure that your website keeps on running.