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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a hot topic and rightly so. Google dominates as the online search platform with over 3 Billion searches each day.

Google’s mission statement is clear:

What does this mean for you & why is SEO important?

Each website is reviewed by Google and they present the one that performed better for their algorithms to scan & also has original content. Yours must be optimised in order for Google to present it when a relevant search is made for a product, content or service you offer. Each website has the same set of tools available to enable it to rank well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP); it’s how we use these tools that makes the difference.

If you require a SEO survey conducted on your website


What do I NEED to know about SEO?

Let’s be honest SEO is not something that you can do in an hour and see results. It will vary from website to website; and with good reason. Each website is graded, and allocated authority based on various elements – as such optimising on a high authority website will see results sooner. To achieve a spot on the first page can be difficult for a website less than a year old (only around 20% of websites on the first page are less than a year old).


There are definite benefits in being optimised – the main one is that you can drive traffic to our website as you will be visible against your competitors. Organic searches have a better return in that the searcher tends to stay on your site for longer and it more likely to convert with one of your services/products vs a Google paid advert (more on Google Ads shortly).

Do you need an agency to do SEO work for you?

Not necessarily, if you have access to the back end of your website you can make certain changes and improvements yourself. The difficulties come in understanding what needs to be reviewed for improvements and then how that is best implemented.

We find that our clients have the best intent in doing the work themselves, but they just don’t have the time. Additionally, the business’ that we support don’t have the budget to employ a full-time marketing employee; instead they get value for money by employing us to manage the digital marketing/SEO.

The benefit of using an agency like ours is that we use professional tools to verify which keywords would work best for your industry and give guidance to which articles would help you organically.

What else are you paying for?

We conduct a full survey on your site, and this covers the little details to optimise each element to improve how the site is graded with Google and also ensuring that your site has landing pages and content relevant to the potential searches that we determine has a justified monthly search volume.

Some of the elements we check for in our review are:

  • Website has SSL certificate
    • Google requires this on a site (especially on an eCommerce site), otherwise your site will have less visibility over time.
  • Images/Videos hosted via CDN (network of geographically dispersed servers)
    • This puts a copy of the images/videos onto servers around the globe, and when a searcher lands on your page it sends them the images from the server geographically closest to them – dramatically improving loading speed.
    • Some hosting services can include this in their pricing – be check as you may be entitled to it for free!
  • Fast Hosting
    • Landing speeds are related to a user’s experience, and Google knows this. If your site is slow at loading, they’ll promote somebody else’s above yours!
  • Optimised for Mobile
    • Over 50% searches carried out on mobile! And again, Google knows it!
  • Site Map
    • A site map is generated when your website is unlikely to have more than a couple of pages added to it. This is uploaded to Google so they can find their way around your website efficiently when scanning the internet for search results.
  • Registered with Google Analytics
    • Data is the key to understanding what behaviours users have on your site – and it’s free!
  • Registered with Google Search Console for Website Data
    • This is where your site map would be uploaded to – there are other insights/data sets available to view here too.

This only scrapes the surface on the list of elements we check for and we haven’t even talked about metadata or keywords!

This begins to demystify what SEO is all about – hard work!

If it’s too good to be true, it is too good to be true!

How does it work with BCS?

During our review of your website and an understanding of your expectations, we draw up a minimum term we expect for you to see improvements to meet your objectives. Of course, everyone wants to ensure they are getting value for money, and whilst we work to improve your site, visibility and visitor experiences – turning them into customers of yours – we provide an in depth monthly report. This report is transparent in its detailing, and we believe that with the agreed responsibility put upon of your objectives us comes accountability.

Why else would you choose BCS?

BCS have a grown as a website design company, designing all forms of business websites for our customers. Our websites are always designed to be mobile friendly and have the basic SEO principles applied. If our customers business direction changes towards large scale online selling – enough to justify an eCommerce site – they come back to us for the same reasons; we are transparent, and project manage the process from concept to live with you in mind.

BCS’ customers had returned to us for additional support, in creating SEO content or articles as they were aware of the lengths we go to when developing their site – and we have grown from there to offering SEO services as a monthly package. But it doesn’t stop there.

When we considered that SEO improvements will be effective in the mid~long term, we needed to apply something for the short term for our client’s websites to be a worthy business investment. We turned our hat towards Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Google Ads.


We recognise that Google Ads is the best way to capitalise on the commercial intent of a searcher – if your website isn’t organically on 1st page of Google’s Search Results Page. There is no other industry that allows you to show your ad to people that are specifically looking for the product / services you offer at the time that they are looking for the product / service you sell! Not only that, even with your Ad being shown, you only pay for that Ad when it is clicked on! No Click – No Charge.

At BCS we manage several clients PPC campaigns – currently our gross PPC management is around £70,000. Our approach to management of these accounts is the same as the SEO – we create a transparent and accountable report each month. We work with you in understanding your current PPC campaign – or we can start a new PPC campaign if you don’t have one currently set up and running – and we use our industry expertise in gauging the search traffic of product keywords and expected price per click to deliver a successful campaign.

How does a campaign become successful?

When we create or update a campaign, we look at the following to ensure our campaign is a success:

  • We understand what makes your company unique
  • We look at the unique features of your product / service
  • We apply good salesmanship principles
  • Utilise our software to target the correct keywords in your title ad
  • We connect your ad to a landing page

Our reporting details the bits you expect:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Cost / Click
  • Ad cost over the month
  • Conversion

All that data is very usable and can detail which campaigns can be improves upon and which ads convert well.

For us however; the only true measurement of success is if the campaign remains profitable to our client.

We suggest the use of different strategies based on our experience and ensure all details of the campaign remain transparent and are delivered in our monthly report to you with an executive summary and detailing how each ad performed and any improvements that could be made.

BCS Benefits

We offer a full access of digital agency services under one roof – ensuring that as your needs grow, we grow with you. We have been involved in clients who choose to keep their current website designers, and we liaise with the designer to implement changes; this process has worked really well for the clients we currently have. Other times there may be time delays in having multiple links in the chain.

Some agencies may feel a little insecure and that their contracts will be handed over; and this is not the intention as we strive only to provide a first-class service to you. We have a great relationship with fellow website designers and digital marketers as our industry in Northern Ireland isn’t that big!

Here is a brief overview of the additional services that ensure we should be your number one choice for your digital footprint:

Website design – We often start with the offer of a WordPress based website. Our website services include a mobile responsive website, with the SEO principles in place. We include one-to-one training, with notes that cover the user friendly content management system.

eCommerce Websites – We have designed and manage a range of eCommerce websites. We often choose woocommerce – on a WordPress website – but we can also provide and manage shopify websites, and can work with Magento / Magento 2.

Digital Marketing – As detailed at the start of this article, we offer a full digital Marketing service. This is where we focus on improving and increasing your digital footprint.

PPC – Optimising and maintaining your Pay Per Click budget – with monthly reports on performance and suggested improvements.

Landing Pages – Going hand in hand with the DM & PPC, we can create bespoke landing pages in synergy with the PPC and DM improvements.

For any further enquiries, or to arrange a call back please get in touch by completing your details below.